Thursday, August 28, 2008

SPINACT Knowledge as a service

Trainers and learners alike are looking to KaaS (knowledge-as-a-service) to improve the transfer of information. KaaS enables employees and end users to get answers to their specific questions whenever they want. This ‘just-in-time’ approach increases the effectiveness of training at a much lower cost to provider and consumer alike.
KaaS uses the SaaS (software-as-a-service) model for knowledge transfer. The KaaS server hosts information and makes it available through a portal on the Internet.
Contributors post content on the KaaS server, and consumers subscribe to access that content. Typically, KaaS servers disperse organization-specific information generated by the company itself.
any number of content providers, each of which may offer a different perspective or answer. The open KaaS platform offers a new paradigm. It extends the service concept with a hosted server that accommodates content from multiple contributors. The open KaaS model:
• Frees companies of the complexities of administering servers, hardware and software updates, content management systems, access control, versioning, users, and payment processes.
• Facilitates development and posting of content by anyone who wants to.
• Gives consumers one-stop access to answers from

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